Wiggling in Excrement

This is going to be a rant.

This is a video of New Hampshire State Representative Nancy Elliott, expressing support for HB1590, a bill to make gay marriage illegal (again) in her state. Her main point is that gay marriage involves anal sex, which she then describes as “taking the penis penis of one man and putting it  into the rectum of another and wiggling it around in excrement.” She says “And you have to think…would I allow that to be done to me?”

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One of my hobbies is playing board games, and I like a good sale as much as the next guy (o.k., probably more than the next guy).  Imagine my elation, then, when I saw the 50% off sign in the window of a game store in a local mall yesterday.  Though I didn’t have a “Cash in the Attic” moment, I did find a game I couldn’t resist buying.  It’s called Man Laws and Woman Rules: The Game of Life’s Unwritten Rules.  I thought it would be fun to play it with all of you. Continue Reading »

The Goldilocks Dilemma

A week or so ago, I saw a slide show of “strange plastic surgeries” on MSNBC’s web site.  While I’m pleased that the site listed these procedures as extreme (even “oddball”), I was struck by one thing in particular.  Two of the surgeries were meant to remedy complaints about women’s calves.  If a woman had “cankles”–large calves that stretch to her ankles (hence eliminating the “normal” curve the ankle/calf distinction creates)–she could correct the flaw with liposuction.  If a woman had “radish calf”–large, muscular calves that apparently create too much of the aforementioned curve–she could inject botox to reduce the size of the muscle.  The upshot of all of this is that a woman must neither have a calf that is too big nor too small.  Like Goldilocks’ proverbial porridge, a truly feminine lower leg must be “just right.” Continue Reading »

Loving your bits

I recently watched a BBC America documentary (part of the BBC Reveals series) called Perfect Private Parts. The hour long documentary is about labiaplasty and other genital plastic surgery. Labiaplasty, for those who don’t know, involves cutting and reshaping one or both sets of the labia, to make them smaller.  The documentary is adamantly opposed to any surgery and the director, Lisa Rogers, states on camera that she is making the film in hopes of not only understanding why women undergo labiaplasty, but  also dissuading viewers from considering these surgeries.

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Last week, a study by scientists at King’s College London concluded that the g-spot doesn’t exist. Oh darn. Of course, if you look at the study, you might notice that first of all, the study was conducted by giving  “participants a survey asking whether they believed that they had a “‘so called G-spot’.” That’s about as scientific as asking people if they believe in evolution and when some people say “no” publishing a study that declares that there is no such thing as evolution.

But more amazing is the fact that fifty-six percent of the respondents said “yes.” However, “because stimulation of the G-spot is supposed to induce orgasm” the scientists concluded that the women were “confused.” Let me correct my analogy of the previous paragraph. That’s like asking a bunch of biologists if evolution is true and when they say “yes” publishing a study that claims their answer proves they’re confused.

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Paint it Black

By now you’ve probably heard, read about, or experienced the odd Facebook meme of women posting their bra color as their status, supposedly in order to raise awareness of/for breast cancer.  Mashable’s brief article about the phenomenon was picked up by The Huffington Post, but I can’t find any other media coverage.  Moreover, no one seems to know who is responsible for starting this meme.  That’s probably for the best because the whole idea makes very little sense.  Here’s why: Continue Reading »

Back to the Future

I was channel flipping tonight and came across One Hit Wonders–Sex Hour on VH1.  Now that’s quality TV! And one of the songs they played was “It’s Raining Men” and I was reminded of just how fabulous it is, so I had to share it (thank you Youtube):

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