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What do I hate most about Thanksgiving? Well, what I really hate most is the way people say “Happy Turkey Day” when millions of turkeys are killed just so Americans can overeat. But this isn’t a vegan blog; it’s a gender and culture blog, so I’m going to talk about the way Thanksgiving (and holidays in general) bring out traditional gender roles.


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By now you have probably heard at least some of the commentary surrounding women’s college soccer player Elizabeth Lambert’s recent use of violent “tactics” in an important (conference tournament semifinal) game.  Today’s AP article on the subject presents the debate as one between outraged feminists and apologist male commentators.  I think the AP article is wrong on a few counts, but I’m more interested in the article’s framing. (more…)

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We know we haven’t posted much lately, and we’re very sorry about that.  When we started this blog, during the summer, Professor Moss and I did not anticipate that commitment of time it would take to post regularly.  I think we set our own bar fairly high, posting several times a week for a couple of months.  We had a lot to say.  We’d been discussing gender and popular culture for years, and we were chomping at the bit to share our insights with the world.  Once the semester started, we dialed back the blogging a bit, but we still managed to post a couple of times a week.  Then the student papers started pouring in, mid-terms came, and we both became totally snowed under with work.

We just want to say that we appreciate those of you who read us regularly, and we especially like when you post comments.  We’re not going away, but we obviously set a pace we cannot continue to match, at least not during the semester.  Please bear with us.  More exciting popular culture dissection is on the horizon!

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