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We know we haven’t posted much lately, and we’re very sorry about that.  When we started this blog, during the summer, Professor Moss and I did not anticipate that commitment of time it would take to post regularly.  I think we set our own bar fairly high, posting several times a week for a couple of months.  We had a lot to say.  We’d been discussing gender and popular culture for years, and we were chomping at the bit to share our insights with the world.  Once the semester started, we dialed back the blogging a bit, but we still managed to post a couple of times a week.  Then the student papers started pouring in, mid-terms came, and we both became totally snowed under with work.

We just want to say that we appreciate those of you who read us regularly, and we especially like when you post comments.  We’re not going away, but we obviously set a pace we cannot continue to match, at least not during the semester.  Please bear with us.  More exciting popular culture dissection is on the horizon!

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New Theme

We’ve decided to change the look and layout of the blog.  Though we really liked the original theme, the one thing we disliked was its lack of attribution for posts.  Since the idea of this blog was to give two different perspectives, it wasn’t very logical to leave you in the dark about who was saying what.  The new theme is still clean and very readable, and all of our original widgets are still here.  So hopefully the transition will be very smooth.  And we promise not to change themes every week.  The current look should be the look of the blog for a long time.  Thanks for your patience as we build this project; we’re working hard to provide both quality and quantity in our content.

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Since starting a blog just isn’t enough in the 21st Century, we’ve also set up a Twitter page:


You can also follow our tweets from the sidebar.  We’re hoping the shorter format will allow us to respond more quickly to current events and concerns we have and to spark more discussion.  Though we love the intellectual rigor of longer, carefully constructed posts, for certain tasks a quick tweet can be more effective.

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This is a feminist blog.  We base many of our posts on a few key assumptions that might be worth stating here, before we all get too involved:

1)    Gender is culturally constructed – biological sex (male/female) is largely fixed, but gender (masculine/feminine) is constructed by the societies in which we are inculturated.  Myriad examples exist of “opposite-gender” traits being normative in other contemporary cultures and in cultures throughout history.  Thus, analysis of gender should be analysis of the way in which gender is constructed.  We assume no innately masculine or feminine characteristics.

2)    Creating a more gender-neutral society is a worthy goal – in order to work toward gender equality, we must deconstruct the ways in which gender binarism operates in our society.  Often, gender-normative roles are reinforced in subtle, seemingly innocuous ways.  Popular culture is rife with examples of this “subliminal” gender-coding.  Moreover, popular culture’s dichotomous ubiquity and seeming-triviality make it a remarkably powerful propaganda system.


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