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I should begin by saying I’m fairly sure this is not a hoax.  Several credible sources (the U.K. Telegraph, Discover, and Yahoo! Sports among them) are reporting that Caster Semenya has had a makeover and is on the cover of South Africa’s You magazine this week.  Here is the photo:

This photo, apparently, is meant to prove that she’s a woman.  I mean, look at her!  How could a man look like that?  But the pretzel logic that frames this photograph as a vindication of Semenya’s gender status could have some interesting consequences. (more…)

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The issues involving Caster Semenya, the gold medal runner who has been asked to undergo genetic testing, are complicated and multi-layered, and lay bare many of the assumptions we hold about gender.

First there is the simple question of why she is suspected of being a man at all, which is apparently simply that she looks “mannish.” Russian runner Mariya Savinova is quoted as saying “Just look at her.” Well, here’s a picture: (more…)

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