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I wasn’t going to post any more on marriage and love, at least for a while, but then I saw this Newsweek article on polyamory. Polyamory (many loves) is a type of open relationship–the article defines it as “loving, intimate relationships with more than one person.” And if I can quote Wikipedia without having my PhD revoked, polyamory also involves “the full knowledge and free consent of everyone involved.” I found this and other articles interesting for several reasons. First, without deliberately doing so, they seemed to answer all the issues raised by the “traditional marriage is dooooomed!” articles I’ve seen recently. Second are the comments left by readers, and the gender anxieties they reveal.  Finally the ways in which polyamory is or might be used against the fight to legalize gay marriage


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I ordered Cristina Nehring’s A Vindication of Love because I thought her ideas might make good fodder for a blog post. Now, barely 20% of the way through the book, I have to stop and rant—not about her ideas, but about her support for those ideas. Google tells me this woman writes for The Atlantic and The London Review of Books (among others) and that she’s been called “trenchant.” Really? Because if she was in my freshman composition class, this book would be dripping with red ink, and if she was in one of my upper division literature classes, I’d sit her down and suggest another major. (more…)

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