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This is a feminist blog.  We base many of our posts on a few key assumptions that might be worth stating here, before we all get too involved:

1)    Gender is culturally constructed – biological sex (male/female) is largely fixed, but gender (masculine/feminine) is constructed by the societies in which we are inculturated.  Myriad examples exist of “opposite-gender” traits being normative in other contemporary cultures and in cultures throughout history.  Thus, analysis of gender should be analysis of the way in which gender is constructed.  We assume no innately masculine or feminine characteristics.

2)    Creating a more gender-neutral society is a worthy goal – in order to work toward gender equality, we must deconstruct the ways in which gender binarism operates in our society.  Often, gender-normative roles are reinforced in subtle, seemingly innocuous ways.  Popular culture is rife with examples of this “subliminal” gender-coding.  Moreover, popular culture’s dichotomous ubiquity and seeming-triviality make it a remarkably powerful propaganda system.


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