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It’s tempting to dismiss movies like I Love You, Beth Cooper as harmless.  After all, it’s getting mixed reviews from critics, and though it grossed $5 million in its first weekend, that only earned it 7th place, barely ahead of Pixar’s Up, which has been out for seven weeks (by comparison, Bruno earned $30 million in its first weekend).  It is not likely to become a huge box office hit, and nothing about it suggests a John Hughes-esque second life in its DVD/television release.  Yet I Love You, Beth Cooper‘s lack of success seems not due to its tasteless jokes or teen-comedy stereotypes (although we get those in abundance) but rather because it tries so to avoid being just another teen movie.  The movie fails because it seems to think it’s being innovative when in reality it is completely mundane. (more…)

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Each Friday, we look at the week that’s passed (or, since this is our first recap, perhaps the week before that) and try to garner a bit of anticipation for the week to come. And as is fitting for a co-authored blog, our goal is to put the “we” in weekly (and, occasionally, to pun weakly).


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