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A week or so ago, I saw a slide show of “strange plastic surgeries” on MSNBC’s web site.  While I’m pleased that the site listed these procedures as extreme (even “oddball”), I was struck by one thing in particular.  Two of the surgeries were meant to remedy complaints about women’s calves.  If a woman had “cankles”–large calves that stretch to her ankles (hence eliminating the “normal” curve the ankle/calf distinction creates)–she could correct the flaw with liposuction.  If a woman had “radish calf”–large, muscular calves that apparently create too much of the aforementioned curve–she could inject botox to reduce the size of the muscle.  The upshot of all of this is that a woman must neither have a calf that is too big nor too small.  Like Goldilocks’ proverbial porridge, a truly feminine lower leg must be “just right.” (more…)


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By now you have probably heard at least some of the commentary surrounding women’s college soccer player Elizabeth Lambert’s recent use of violent “tactics” in an important (conference tournament semifinal) game.  Today’s AP article on the subject presents the debate as one between outraged feminists and apologist male commentators.  I think the AP article is wrong on a few counts, but I’m more interested in the article’s framing. (more…)

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