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Last week, a study by scientists at King’s College London concluded that the g-spot doesn’t exist. Oh darn. Of course, if you look at the study, you might notice that first of all, the study was conducted by givingĀ  “participants a survey asking whether they believed that they had a “‘so called G-spot’.” That’s about as scientific as asking people if they believe in evolution and when some people say “no” publishing a study that declares that there is no such thing as evolution.

But more amazing is the fact that fifty-six percent of the respondents said “yes.” However, “because stimulation of the G-spot is supposed to induce orgasm” the scientists concluded that the women were “confused.” Let me correct my analogy of the previous paragraph. That’s like asking a bunch of biologists if evolution is true and when they say “yes” publishing a study that claims their answer proves they’re confused.



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