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Early Friday morning Tiger Woods crashed his car into a fire hydrant and a neighbor’s tree, was taken to the hospital and released after being treated for facial lacerations. This much is fact. And while the mainstream media has stuck to the facts, the gossip columns (especially the website TMZ) has had a field day claiming that Woods was driving away after a fight over his infidelity, that his wife smashed the window of the SUV with a golf club and that Woods’ injuries are due to his wife, not the crash.


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By now you have probably heard at least some of the commentary surrounding women’s college soccer player Elizabeth Lambert’s recent use of violent “tactics” in an important (conference tournament semifinal) game.  Today’s AP article on the subject presents the debate as one between outraged feminists and apologist male commentators.  I think the AP article is wrong on a few counts, but I’m more interested in the article’s framing. (more…)

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