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Ever since she was a child looking at her grandfather’s National Geographic, Amit Paley was fascinated by the women of the Padaung, who wear brass rings around their necks, so that their necks appear elongated; she wanted “to see these curious women, who suffer painful disfigurement to emerge as graceful beauties.” Growing up, college, and working as a reporter for The Washington Post couldn’t cure her of her desire, and apparently anorexic fashion models walking the runway in 5 inch stilettos was either not enough painful disfigurement or not graceful and beautiful enough. Not even finding out that most travel agencies won’t book tourists to the Padaung village because the women are virtual prisoners, forced to wear the neck rings to bring in tourist dollars, was enough to stop Paley. Instead, she used the moral dodge of being a reporter: “I ultimately concluded that if the villages really were so deplorable, my ability to write about them might ultimately help the Padaung more than harm them.”


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Okay, I promise I won’t do this often, but not much is happening on the pop culture scene (not much that interests me anyway) and I’ve been spending most of my time crafting an edition of Shakespeare’s Henry VI Part 2.  Editing a text means reading it very very closely, and then reading it again, and then writing notes so other people can read it, and in the end, you end up knowing the text exceptionally well, which is fun for Shakespeare geeks like me (especially with plays I don’t know that well). And the more I study this play, the more interested I am in the character of Queen Margaret. (more…)

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