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We love(d)…

Obama’s choice for Surgeon General–Dr. Regina Benjamin is a doctor who makes housecalls and ran a nonprofit clinic in New Orleans before and after Katrina. But she’s also the first black woman to head a state medical society and the first doctor under 40 to be elected to the AMA’s board of trustees.

The inability of the confirmation hearings to find anything of substance to question Sotomayor about. After whining that they needed more time to prepare it’s fun to watch the Republicans continually circling back to the “wise Latina woman” comment because they have nothing better to say.  It’s also heartening that Sotomayor’s gender has not been a topic for discussion in any meaningful way.

We hate(d)…

The fact that even with all of Dr. Benjamin’s credentials and passion, some people felt the need to comment on her weight. Because she can’t fight for better health care if she isn’t a size 2?

Republicans’ suggestions that Judge Sotomayor can’t be objective because she is a woman, Latina, or both.  When Justice Breyer compared the plight of a 13-year old girl who had been strip searched by school administrators to his own “hazing” experiences in middle school, the press made a joke of his comments but never accused him of bias.  No one asked any of the “Wise Causacian” men on the Court to recuse themselves, nor should they have, because it’s ridiculous to expect that a judge can only be objective when ruling on a case involving people just like him/her.   Unless she’s a woman, apparently.

The intensely irritating article TimeIs There Hope for the American Marriage?” Why are people suddenly so obsessed with the collapse of marriage (as if this time last year everything was peachy-keen), and why does everyone assume that marriage is about sacrifice, duty, and obligation, and then act surprised when people want something more fun?

We’re looking forward to…

500 Days of Summer claims it’s not a love story.  We’ll see, but the trailer shows some promise.  Could we finally have something positive to say about a new movie?

ABC’s “Dating in the Dark” looks bad, but we haven’t decided yet if it’s “good” bad or “bad” bad.  We’ll probably tell you Tuesday.

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