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Last week, Slate’s Culture Gabfest mentioned a column in the New York Times Magazine about UrbanDictionary.com.  Curious to explore this cultural phenomenon, I started by looking up “feminism” at the largely youth-authored site.  After sifting through 71 definitions (some near-duplicates), my initial disgust turned to confusion and eventually a realization that UrbanDictionary.com’s babel may eventually resolve into something worth further consideration. (more…)

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When we first began thinking about starting this blog, we decided to watch The Bachelorette for material. Now normally I finish what I start, but this show broke me. I made it through 6 episodes and then I just couldn’t stand it anymore. So what made this show literally unwatchable?

Well, there were lots of things: Jillian’s idiotic attraction to bad boy Wes, everyone pretending that spending a day on a glacier or racing cars or ziplining provided character insight rather than an adrenaline rush, the whole “some guys aren’t here for the right reason” subplot. But this is a feminist blog, so let me just mention the two main points that drove me to gnaw on my copy of The Second Sex.


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