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This post has nothing to do with best of/end of the year/end of the decade/retrospective. Jes sayin’.

So a friend sent me a link to this New York Observer essay. After reading it several times, I’m 99% sure it is a joke, a satire on the way we’ve taken to describing various types of women as cats (for a much funnier and clearly satirical article, see this blog response to the Observer article. The original article describes the behavior of the “cheetah,” a term used to describe “women past the first flush of youth wanting to date or at least fuck ‘above their station.'”



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I had originally intended to write about this commercial, which reminded me a lot of the issues I raised in the fantasy football thread a couple of weeks ago.  But then I read Pamela Constable’s article on The Washington Post‘s web site about the disenfranchisement of women in the latest Afghan elections, and it left me with some very conflicted emotions: (more…)

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Okay, I promise I won’t do this often, but not much is happening on the pop culture scene (not much that interests me anyway) and I’ve been spending most of my time crafting an edition of Shakespeare’s Henry VI Part 2.  Editing a text means reading it very very closely, and then reading it again, and then writing notes so other people can read it, and in the end, you end up knowing the text exceptionally well, which is fun for Shakespeare geeks like me (especially with plays I don’t know that well). And the more I study this play, the more interested I am in the character of Queen Margaret. (more…)

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