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I'm a professor of English literature (Shakespeare and other early modern literature) and the Director of Gender & Women's Studies at Widener University. I'm also enrolled in Widener's Human Sexuality program, earning a Masters of Education, because 3 degrees are not enough! That, and I've become increasingly fascinated by the intersection of sexuality and society in the 21st, as well as the 16th, century. I'm polyamorous and in wonderfully functional relationships with my husband Alex (who posts here) and my boyfriend Nathan. I'm an atheist Buddhist, by which I mean that I have tested the practices of Buddhism (the Buddha himself said to take no practice on faith, but to try everything and keep only what works) and they do in fact make my life happier and more functional. I'm deeply in love with words and the power they hold. I wish people would stop misusing them or pretending they don't matter.

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