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A college friend of mine (and a friend of this blog) sent us a link to Michael Gerson’s Washington Post op ed about the dangers of cohabitation.  Mr. Gerson’s logic is so tortured in so many places that I hardly know where to begin.  Since I am also under the influence of some very strong cough syrup, I will attempt to address several points here in no particular order (rather than weave my usual, byzantine tapestry of impeccable logic and flawless rhetoric). (more…)

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Best interests?

Over at Mombian yesterday, I found this report about a Tennessee case (thankfully now overturned) in which a judge used the “paramour clause” to refuse Angel Chandler the right to have both her female partner and her teenaged children stay in her house on the same night. The argument here of course is that it is “not in the best interests of the child” to have them exposed to illicit sexuality.

Dana ends the blog post by saying “Let’s hope the trial court does indeed consider the best interests of the children in its new ruling.”  Now, I don’t have children and I’ve never wanted children, so I should keep my mouth shut, but I’m not going to. I want to call into question this whole notion of “best interests of the child” for a moment.


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